Our company was founded in the early 1900s in the city of Alcoy (Alicante Province), working in the Graphic Arts industry. Later the company moved to Madrid in 1953, where it began producing corrugated cardboard on a small scale.

In 1960, activities were expanded with a new centre in Alcorcón (Madrid), where corrugated cardboard boxes and sheets were manufactured using the most modern lines of production.

In 1972, the Company CARTONAJES GISBERT S.L. was founded.

In 1975, activities were expanded once more with new facilities in Móstoles (Madrid), where two corrugated cardboard production lines were installed, together with machinery for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes.

In 1995, expansions and modernizations were made at a new plant in Móstoles, where the company now operates in the Prado de Regordoño Industrial Park. In 1999, the company came to form part of the Petit Group.

At present, our facilities total 20,000 square metres, some 12,000 of which are currently constructed. The plant enjoys a privileged location, with easy access to main highways like the M-40 and M-50, as well as the N-V, providing us with a great logistical advantage.

In recent years, we have increased investment in human resources, facilities and machinery, allowing us to offer our clients the best packaging solutions and services, using a sustainable material, that being corrugated cardboard.